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In this Yangon Podcast episode:

Travel Hacking: How to become a top house sitter in no time and get free accommodation worldwide. Plus, get ready for the craziest water fight on Earth – The Thingyan festival in Burma is off the chain!

We discuss:

  • Feature: The Thingyan Water Festival, Myanmar
  • Travel Hacking Central: Can Anyone be a house sitter? 3 tips to become a top house sitter in no time


Weblinks from Yangon Podcast

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Photos from Yangon Podcast

Thingyan Podcast

Housesitting in Portugal!

Thingyan kids Yangon

Kids at the thingyan festival in the suburb of Dalla, Yangon

Thingyan Yangon - local

The locals love to party!

Thingyan Yangon - US

We get soaked in Yangon

Travel Freedom Podcast

   disclaimer: We are affiliated with both Trusted housesitters & World nomads insurance – both companies we use and support. All our opinions are our own and all advice in this podcast and post should be followed at your own risk.



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