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In this Bratislava Podcast episode:

We discuss:
We reveal our latest travel tip that just completely changed and improved our travel experience and saved us from being homeless. And, anyone can implement this. Plus we chat with Betty from Bratislava tourism and explore the history, food and wine of Europe’s “Little-big city”

  • Feature: The best travel tip we have discovered in over 2 years and how it saved us from being stuck in a dorm with the loudest snorer on earth.
  • Interview: Betty from Bratislava tourism
  • Food: Pierogi, Bratislava nut rolls and much more!


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Weblinks from Bratislava Podcast

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Betty from Bratislava Tourism

Crazy Duck Hostel – Bucharest


Google Translate

Google Chrome

LE ŠENK craft beer cafe

Queen Maria Theresa

Freddie next to Mercury Hostel & Apartments


Bratislava Castle

Krémes (Amazing cake full of cream)

Zeppelin cafe – Where we had Cakes

Danube Brewery

Primate’s Palace

Cultural Center Danube

Photos from Bratislava Podcast

Bratislava podcast - Bratislava nut roll with poppyseeds

Famous Bratislava roll – This one with poppy seeds. Small but tasty!

Bratislava podcast - Krémes double cream cake

Krémes double cream cake – Amazeballs!

Bratislava podcast - Central Square

Bratislava Central Square

Bratislava Food Podcast - Pierogi

The 11.90 Euro Pierogi platter – enough for 2-4 people!

Bratislava food Podcast - Mint and ginger drink in mason jar

Mint and ginger drink in mason jar

Bratislava Podcast - Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel

Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel – Private Double with kitchenette



DISCLAIMER: We are affiliated with World Nomads and freddie next to mercury hostel – companies we love and support. We are not affiliated with any other of the recommended products on this page. Our opinions, as always, are our own.


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