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What do you want in the show? Are we moving to fast, or is it all too basic? What do you like what do you not like? More on money or more on travel?

In this Athens Podcast episode:

We discuss:

  • Feature Topic: Are you suffering from stuffocation? Your possessions are your prison! Why material things do not make you happy, but experiences do.
  • Local Interview: Dimitra from #visitgreece tells us about food, culture and cool things to do in Athens.
  • $5 Food: Saganaki – Fried yellow cheese for $5? Yes please!
  • $5 Fun/Travel: Coffee is Greek therapy. Making new friends has never been so easy, or affordable!

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Weblinks from Athens Podcast

How to become a housesitting pro in just 3 months. Trusted – 15% discount using the promo code 5DP World nomads insurance – get a 5% discount with the promo code FOOD5 TBEXThe Largest Travel bloggers event in the world. Flisvos Restaurant – Near Flo cafe, in Flisvos. This restaurant has the tastiest shish kebabs in Athens! The link is a GPS coordinate. Visit Greece – The greek tourism authority has loads of cool info about Greece. #visitgreece Airbnb discount –  click this link for a $25 USD discount on your first stay with AirBnB John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on fire – Great podcast that interviews successful entrepreneurs Screw the 9 to 5 – Blog and podcast with a similar theme to the 5 dollar planet. James Wallman book Stuffocation – Great book about Material things not making modern people happy

Photos from Athens Podcast

Flisvos kebab skewers

Super tasty plate of kebab meat at the restaurant in Flisvos, Athens.

We loved our time in Athens and were very sad to leave 🙁 We’ll be back!!!   —- DISCLAIMER: We are affiliated with TBEX, World Nomads & Trusted Housesitters, all companies we love and support. We are not affiliated with any other of the recommended products on this page. Our opinions, as always, are our own.


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