Hi everyone. This is Tommo & Megsy.

We have one simple mission for the Travel Freedom Podcast:

Help other people become location independent. To live free, travel more and discover travel freedom!
We do this by interviewing digital nomads and online entrepreneurs on how they make money from anywhere. We also talk about the travel hacking methods we’ve used to travel the world, full time, from April 2013 to May 2015 on an average of only $22USD per person per day.
As of 2019 we’d travelled to more than 95 countries but finally found one country that ticked all the boxes, so decided to stay a while and open a local tour company (Eat This! Food & Wine Tours) as well as ExpatHub, a business focused on Expat services for those living in, or relocating to, The Republic of Georgia. Along with this, we are also maintaining our presence in travel publishing following the COVID pandemic.

We are Tommo & Megsy!

BUT, why are we qualified to talk about travel and online business?

Because, between the two of us we travel, and have traveled to over 95 countries around the globe and to every continent (including Antarctica!). This number is set to rise, possibly indefinitely (Maybe we’ll make it to Mars one day)

Megsy is a former travel agent, so knows the travel industry from an insider perspective.

We have setup multiple blogs since 2013. Carefully studied many techniques for making money online and are now earning enough to sustain our travel freedom lifestyle.

We are not making 6 figures yet, but we’ll be working at it until we do. Follow our journey on the way up and learn from our mistakes and successes.

If you’d like more info on how it’s done, join our Travel Freedom newsletter, and we’ll show you how to Discover Travel Freedom for yourself.


We believe everyone can & should travel more. In our Blog & Podcast we reveal how we travel well for way less than you’d expect and how to build an online income to support travelling as much as you want.

It’s time to just get out and experience what the world has to offer. We’ve had our fair share of experiences, maybe some of these you’d want to go out and do yourself:

Random bullet points about Tommo & Megsy

Some of our crazy shit we have done in those 95+ countries


Tommo swimming with a whaleshark in The Philippines


Megsy at Holi Festival in Jaipur, India

Dancing on tables Greece Athens

Dancing on tables in Athens, Greece

 Our travel stats/highlights

  • Both been independent travelling / Backpacking since 2006
  • We met in Denmark in 2010 and have been travelling together ever since.
  • We have been to over 95 countries.
  • Megsy had been to all 7 continents, including Antarctica. And visited both arctic circles in the same year (2009)
  • Tracked every dollar of our budget from April 2013 to April 2015 – we traveled on $22 USD per person, per day – not including Insurance. We even recorded a podcast featuring all the details.
  • Now we fund our full time travel freedom lifestyle through our travel blog & Podcast and teach others how to discover travel freedom for themselves.


Tommo & Megsy: Soaking up the winter sun on the Algarve coast, Portugal.

Advertising & PR

To all potential business partners, please visit our Advertising & PR page on our personal blog (http://foodfuntravel.com) for a full breakdown of our site stats and opportunities for working together.

ATTENTION FELLOW TRAVEL BLOGGERS: We are looking for guest posters for this blog. Just get in touch using our contact form. Make sure you include at least 2 headlines for the topic you’d like to write about. Include links to your previous work.

If you’d like to be a guest on the Travel Freedom Podcast, send us an email. Include information on the expert topic you could cover and some suggestions as to specific sub topics we’d talk about.


Originally from the UK, I caught the travel bug in 2006 and since then spent my time seeking out ways to get paid whilst travelling.

The simplest starting point was to have a job that incorporates travel. I’m a musician, its a flexible career that lets any one motivated enough, to find or create international opportunities. From living in the french alps to working on a cruise ship and many travel and backpacking trips in between, I have come to realise that you can see a lot of the world and get paid to do it, but like any full-time job, work always comes first and you often miss out on the freedom of independent travel…

Over the years I have been honing my skills to become the “ultimate budgeteer”. The past has brought about an insatiable wanderlust that can only be satisfied by bigger and better travel experiences.

The future holds so many possibilities, and this blog is all about the culmination of everything we have learned about traveling being taken forward into perpetual TRAVEL FREEDOM. Join us as we embark on a journey into the unknown and we bring back stories and advice from all the destinations we’ll be visiting.

Read about my 15 Favourite Asian Foods from 14 months in Asia OR my 8 reasons why I think hiking sucks!

I’m the One on the right…

Deciding in 2006 to head overseas, none of my friends seemed interested in joining me so I headed off by myself…..well sort of, I was on a Geckos tour for a large portion of the trip but it was a start!

Travelling through Vietnam and Cambodia I realized that the thing I love most about travel is the people and their stories, wether they happen to be locals or fellow travellers, everyone had a good yarn to tell and was willing to take the time to sit down with a stranger and tell it.

I started work on Cruise Ships in 2008 and was lucky enough to get to see most of the world though my 2 and a half years at sea. My guilty pleasure is telling people I’ve been in both arctic circles in the same year!

In 2010 I met a boy who it turns out has a love of travel just like me, and not just the everyday travel but the urge to go to places that no one you or I know has ever been to or even heard of. Tom and I never want to stop travelling. It’s about constantly seeking out the next adventure and making sure that when you get there you make it worthwhile meeting awesome people, have an amazing time and when you’re old and grey you have a great story to tell!!!

Read about why I’m a traveller who hates travelling

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3 comments on “About Tommo & Megsy (Travel Freedom Podcast)

  1. Hey there guys! I came across your videos on YouTube last night, then I binged on several podcasts including “Pitching Travel Brands.” While I am an avid traveler with 76 countries under my belt in my 30’s, we are new to monetizing blogs and pitching hotels/tours etc.

    My partner and I are launching our Travel Agency/Travel Blog “Cant Stop Trippin” in the next few days. I have taught myself how to build sites and have been working on the site since November (I have a super demanding day job which I hope to leave all together in 2 years as I build revenue streams). and building up the Instagram, social media presence. I have gotten the IG page to a respectable 1100 followers organically since Nov 19.

    Anyway, I would love your input as I am likely too new of an account to pitch hotels for collabs. I would love to see if you could share what you send potential partners. I have a few unique things in my favor as I also am a PhD, long time personal trainer and although I cant ethically leverage it ethically, I run a City by day in the Atlanta area (which is the busiest airport in the world as you know).

    Anyway, I tell you all of this because I want you guys to know I have a strong work ethic and I am willing to learn. Teach me oh wise ones. = ) I have never monetized a blog, but I presume I am going to go the Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Shareasale, Agoda, etc route…unless you have other suggestions. Also if you have any input on programs such as Digital Altitude etc, I have taken the 2 week trial on several of these but I did not want to pull the trigger until I launched the Travel Agency/Blog first.
    I really look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!

  2. Peggy and Doug Brown Oct 3, 2018

    Fabulous to meet the two of you on the Danube! Keep those adventures coming! Hope you got back to Corfu easily and that your family trip will be fabulous. 😃