069 Chiang Mai P1: Food & Fun in Northern Thailand

From the insanely busy walking markets to the surprising abundance of Thai-Western fusion food, Chiang Mai has got a little bit of everything for the modern digital nomad. We find food, fun and even some classic Thai luxury, in part one of our two part Chiang Mai Podcast.Read more

067 Hong Kong Food Extravaganza

Hong Kong is one of the best foodie destinations in the world. We delight our tastebuds with everything from down and dirty local cantonese food, to up market French tapas. We wash it back with a healthy serving of wine at the international wine and spirits show.Read more

066 Essential WordPress plugins for bloggers

Security, improved site speed, SEO, email list and social building, increase engagement, increase profit. There are a lot of plugins we use on all our Wordpress blogs. This is our list of essential ones that you shouldn't be without.Read more

064 Turn a profit with physical products

Creating physical products can be a long process, but a very profitable one, if done right. Making mistakes early on can waste month and thousands of dollars. We chat with Jeremy from Tortuga Backpacks about avoiding the rookie mistakes and creating a profitable product business.Read more

063 Best & Worst Food Fun Travel Experience of 2015

16 countries across 2 continents… We've experienced and eaten a lot! Today our favourites (and least favourites) in food, attractions, journeys, destinations, accommodation, drinks and more! Could we have eaten the best burger in the world in 2015? Time to find out.Read more

060: Get More Email Subscribers & Avoid The Spam Folder

3 common mistakes that are slowing your email list growth. 4 steps to keeping your emails going direct to the inbox, not to spam. Email Marketing expert Tom Tate from Aweber discusses how email is a more effective way to connect and sell to your audience than social media. Plus, we explain the ESP (Email Service Provider) we use to manage and automate email to 4,000 subscribers across multiple lists.Read more

058 How to choose (or fix) your brand

IBM's Social Media Strategist, Alex de Carvalho, explains how to create a brand that clearly identifies you and your company and that can grow with you as your company develops. Plus, how to evolve or re-brand when things aren't working out.Read more

057 Sahara Desert Camel Trek Adventure

We ride the most uncomfortable form of transport ever devised by man into the Sand Dunes of the Sahara desert on the Moroccan-Algerian border, near Merzouga, Morocco. We eat Berber pizza, try the famed Berber whisky, and try our hand at sand-boarding.Read more

056 Landing pages = Sales & Email opt-ins

In part 2 of our core concepts series we explain how landing pages and your blog theme can increase sales, email sign-ups and engagement. We explain the best all-in-one solution for managing the look and feel of your website.Read more

054 Redefining Work: Has the cubicle had it’s day?

Could most corporate jobs soon be location independent? Our guest Fabian, TEDx speaker and serial traveler for 14 years, reveals insights from his startup diaries project which interviewed remote workers on how they escaped traditional lives to find more freedom. Listen to this episode if you want inspiration and information on what it is like to be location independent and ways you could achieve it.Read more

053 Munich: More than just Oktoberfest

Giant beers, hearty food and a fairy tale castle that inspired Disney. Oktoberfest is just around the corner but Munich is a year round destination with a lot to offer no matter when you visit. We discover Food, Fun & Adventure in Bavaria's Capital, without the Oktoberfest crowds.Read more

052 Building Authority With Your Audience

Do readers take your blog seriously? If they don't, sales are almost impossible to make. We discuss the why and how of Authority and we talk in depth about step one (of many!) towards authority: Self Hosting. CHECK OUT OUR NEW IN-DEPTH SHOW NOTES. As part of our "core concepts" series that will be integrated into our regular Money Mondays schedule, our show notes for these episodes will feature full written explanations of the core concepts that we discuss.Read more

050 Being a digital nomad in Thailand: Tips & FAQs

Is Thailand the ultimate cauldron for first time digital nomads? We talk about the pros and cons of choosing Thailand to get your start and compare Chiang Mai to Koh Phangnan for being the best hub to choose. Plus, we announce the "Travel Bloggers Retreat" - for which we are guest speakers.Read more

047 Things to Do in Innsbruck – Who knew?

Austria's historic summer capital, Innsbruck has a lot more to offer the food, fun and adventure seeker than you'd expect. We eat spleen soup, grey cheese, strudel, and other traditional Tyrolean dishes. Plus we visit the epic Hofburg Palace. Read more

042 Use these website design tips to increase engagement

Is it time to improve your website design in order to increase engagement? We talk website design, social integration and blog monetization with Raymond Walsh from Man on the Lam. Plus, the rumours are true. Romanian Internet is the fastest we've ever used, you won't believe just how fast it is!Read more

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