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Travel is fantastic for the mind, body, and soul – it encourages you to open your mind, embrace new opportunities, and make new friends.

Travel is also one of the best ways to come out of your shell and improve your confidence, thanks to a number of different factors.

Stay positive

Although travelling is such a rich, exciting life experience, it can sometimes be hard not to miss home comforts or let all of the different aspects get to you. Travel can be a real shock to the system, but your experiences will also encourage you to stay positive and look at things in a different light. It’s key to building confidence levels.

Remember to support others – some of your positivity can rub off on them, too!

Embrace new experiences

You know the saying: you should do something that scares you every day. Well, never is that phrase more apt than when travelling.

Embracing new experiences is part of all the fun, and not only does it enrich your life in general, but it also builds confidence. Doing something completely new will push you right out of that comfort zone, which will help you not be as scared next time.

Keep your wits about you

If you had an upbringing where you were protected, travelling will teach you how to be street smart. Scams are an unfortunate part of tourism, but by listening to your instincts and keeping your wits about you, you’ll be able to get by. And you’ll learn from your mistakes, meaning you won’t be so scared to make them in future. You’ll realise you’re only human.

Travelling alone

Many of you choose to travel alone, or if you start off with others, you’ll often find that you go separate ways once you decide what you want to get out of it, then meet up later down the line.

Being alone can force you to forge new friendships, sometimes with those you’d least expect. Being able to talk to strangers in bizarre scenarios, especially when living in a hostel, is an art which you’ll become more and more accustomed to throughout your trip. By the end, you’ll be surprised by all your new-found confidence (and your bigger friendship group).

Breaking boundaries

It’s not every day you’ll be on a flight to a remote part of Asia one minute, then taking a complete U-turn to visit somewhere different a few weeks (or even days) later.

Travelling is all about breaking boundaries, doing new and exciting things, and remembering them for the rest of your life. Push yourself and you might be surprised at the outcome. After all, you don’t get anywhere by standing still.

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