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In the Sharon Gourlay episode:

$76 per day in passive income? Plus freelancing = supporting a family of 4 while travelling the world full time. Sharon Gourlay proves that great SEO and affiliate linked articles (even without an effective email list!) are all you need to discover travel freedom.

Feature Topics in this episode:

  • Is Yoast SEO as good as you think it is?
  • Why you shouldn’t find keywords for the articles you want to write but should find keywords before you decide what to write.
  • Why SEO is a waiting game and you should not get impatient
  • How to find long tail keywords
  • How to use google webmaster tools to improve SEO ranking super fast
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on google
  • Are you wasting your time with social media?

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Weblinks from Sharon Gourlay Episode

World Nomads Insurance – Specifically designed for digital nomads, flashpackers, adventure & long term Travellers –

Trusted – Use discount code 5DP to get a 15% discount on membership

How to become a housesitting pro in just 3 months.

TBEX – The Largest Travel bloggers event in the world.

Today’s Guest: & – Bank solution for a borderless world (get amazon payments straight into a US account.

google webmaster tools

Longtail Pro – Software that finds Longtail keywords


Commission Junction

Affiliate Window


SEO & affiliate sales podcast

Our Guest Sharon Gourlay & her family




DISCLAIMER: We are affiliated with TBEX, Trusted Housesitters, World nomads, Lems Shoes, Cabin Zero – all companies we love and support. We are not affiliated with any other of the recommended products on this page. All our opinions, as always, are our own.


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